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Medik8 Hydrating Facial
A Hydrating facial is loaded with benefits needed to make your skin look dewy, glowing and healthy. It hydrates your skin and brings water content back in to your skin and locks that moisture in.






Medik8 Radiance Facial
A luxurious illuminating treatment to brighten even the dullest skin. Targeted, results driven facial to combat uneven skin tone, breathing new radiance and luminosity into the skin.
60mins $125
Medik8 Redness calm Facial
Delicate facial treatment designed specifically for hypersensitive skin with visible thread veins or prone to redness and inflammation. A gentle soothing treatment to instantly calm inflamed, hot, flushed, red, sensitive skin using intelligent formulations to aid skin recovery
60mins $125
Medik8 Beta Facial Facial
Professional strength anti bacterial exfoliating face wash designed for problematic skin. It is Designed for acne skin.
60mins $125
Medik8 Deep cleansing Facial
Deep cleansing and pore-refining activities are used to target oily, problematic and blemished skin, Re-balancing products are used throughout this facial to smooth , clam an degenerate a clearer complexion.
60mins $125
Medik8 Anti Ageing Facial
Design for skin concerned with the visible signs of ageing including fine lines and wrinkles.
60mins $125
Medik8 CTerta Brightening Facial
Intensive hydration with Deep cleansing and detoxification helps to Improve the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and dullness. It softens and smooth the skin’s texture
60mins $125
Medik8 Age defying Facial
A relaxing age-defying facial that infuses the skin with Medik8 core active ingredients vitamin C to protect and regenerate and vitamin A to stimulate and correct, creating a more youthful appearance.
60mins $125
Medik8 Balancing Facial
A luxurious illuminating treatment to brighten even the dullest skin. A targeted, results-driven facial to combat uneven pigmentation and skin tone, breathing new radiance and luminosity into the skin.
60mins $125
Medik8 Resurfacing power Facial
A powerful triple-exfoliation resurfacing treatment targeting uneven skin tone texture to create luminous refreshed
60mins $145
Medik8 Revitalizing Eye Ritual
An instantly illuminating, nourishing and hydrating treatment to revitalize tired eyes.
30mins $75
Katherine Daniels Deep Cleansing Facial
Deep cleanse and detoxify skin, leaving you looking dewy and luminous with refined skin texture and reduction in pore size appearance. (Not recommended for couperose skin)
60mins $125
Luxe Beauty Signature WOW Facial
This specific facial treatment combines products selected from the classic range of Medik8 products. A superior boosting treatment incorporating a facial massage with a soothing balm and a replenishing mask to firm, hydrate and exfoliate. This result- oriented treatment will reduce tension and stress levels as well as brighten and even your overall skin tone. Additional eye brow tidy, head and hand massage.
60mins $145


Microhydrabrasion  Treatment 20mins $55
Led Light Therapy 20mins $50


Microhydrabrasion Treatment 45mins $85
 LED light Therapy 60mins $75


Light Peel     
A professional strength  mild revitalizing Superficial peel
30mins $80
Eye Peel
A professional strength superficial level 1 chemical peel targeting the early signs of ageing around the eyes.
30mins $50
Age peel
A professional strength superficial level 1 chemical peel to accelerate the transformation to a healthier looking skin.
30Mins $ 90
Beta Peel
A professional Strength Level 1 Chemical peel targeting signs of mid acne and blemish-pore skin.
30mins $ 90
White Peel
A professional Strength level 1 chemical peel targeting hyper pigmentation concerns transforming a dull, tired looking skin.
30mins $ 90


Dermal Rolling Full Face  90mins $270
Dermal Rolling full face and Neck
Significantly improving the appearance of facial and fine lines, wrinkles, sun damaged, ageing skin, acne scars and stretch marks has never been easier thanks to the innovative and award-winning non-surgical skin regeneration producer by Dermaroller.
120mins $320


Dermal Rolling full face and Neck
Derma rolling has been created to enhance our skins natural cell rejuvenation to help stimulate new healthy cells and collagen. This is fantastic for acnes scarring, open pores and lightening pigmentation and anti ageing. This is a non ablative treatment with no down time and minimal after effects. A minimum of 6 treatments are required for better and more Noticeable results. Our skin normally absorbs products between 20-30% before Derma needling, but after this treatment our skin can absorb 3 time more product, resulting in rapid change within the skin.

Full Face

Full face and Neck
90 Mins




Back Massage 15mins/30mins $40/$60
Deep Tissue Massage 30mins/60mins $60/$95
Swedish Massage 30mins/60mins $60/$95
Hot Stone Massage 30mins/60mins $80/$120
Prenatal or Postnatal Massage 30mins/60mins $60/$90


Back Package                  
Cleanse- Exfoliation- Back massage-Mask and Nourishment.
45mins $75
Full body Package
Cleanse-Full body exfoliation-full body massage-Nourishment
70mins $125
Deluxe Full Body Package
Milk and rose bath-Full body exfoliation-Full body Massage-Full body Mask Nourishment.
100Mins $185
Super Deluxe Full Body Package
 Milk and rose bath-Full body exfoliation-Full body wrap-Full body massage-Full Body Mask Nourishment.
130mins $ 249
Lycon Body Scrub
Smooth, silky skin doesn’t just have to be a dream!
A full body scrub with lycon will leave your skin hydrated and nourished.
This is then finished off with an aromatherapy oil.
60 mins

90 mins

$ 95



Milk and rose bath 40mins $60
Arome salt 40mins $60
Lavender 40mins $60


This ultrasound cavitation is relatively new aesthetic treatment.Using leading edge technology it converts the fat cells into liquid which can then be naturally drained by the body’s own natural flitration system. It is recommended to undertake 6-10 treatments spaced one per week to initially complete the course of treatments.

Apart from physical exercise and healthier nutritional choices, no other solution has been proven as effective to activate the natural way to lose fat.

Abdomen Per Session
Full arms $120 $349
Lower Legs $120 $349
Upper Legs $130 $359
Full Body $599 $1499


 Eyes $50
 Acne Spots $79
 Cheeks and nose $99
 Full face $150
 Underarm $80


Upper Lip or Chin  $49
 Upper Lip and Chin  $80
 Bikini line $80
 Brazilian $130
 Lower arms  $120
 Full arm $150
Under arm $80
 Timmy line  $50
 Upper Legs  $249
 Lower Legs $179
 Front of neck $60
 Back of neck $60
 Full back $150
 Chest $150


Nail shape and Polish                                 
File, Shape and painting of nails.
20mins $25
Mini Manicure
Hand Cleanse, file and shape, Cuticle tidy, application of OPI Polish.
30mins $40
Deluxe Manicure
Hand cleanses, file and shape, Cuticle work, Paraffin, application of OPI Polish.
60mins $65
Mini Pedicure
Foot Cleanse, foot scrub, Cuticle tidy, field, application of OPI Polish.
45mins $45
Deluxe Pedicure
Foot Cleanse, hard skin removal, foot scrub, nail tidy, Cuticle Work, Paraffin and application of OPI polish or buff.
60mins $65
OPI Gel Color Removal 15mins $20
Paraffin Treatment for Hands or Feet
Clean, exfoliation, hand or feet massage, Paraffin mask, Nourishment.
40mins $49
Hand or feet bleach                                     30mins $29


Lip or Chin $15
 Face side $20
 Full face $45
 Half arm $25
 Full arm $45
 Under arm $25
 Bikini line $25
 G-String Bikini Wax $35
 Brazillian $70
 Brazillian maintenance 4-6 weeks $55
 Half leg $40
 3/4 leg $50
 Full leg $60
 Back Wax $50
 Half leg, bikini OR underarm $60
 Full leg and bikini $80
 Full leg and brazillian $115


Eyebrow shape/ Threading $12
 Eyebrow tint $15
 Eyelash tint $25
 Eyelash extensions $98
 Eyelash extension refills $50
Eyelash and Eyebrow tint $38